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Welcome to inet2.org, the free meta-domain!

This is a place where you can get a "domain name" free forever.  They never expire.  No strings attached.  inet2 itself is renewed out till at least 2026, and will continue past that unless it's been effective superceded by something else free.

Your domain name will look like




(so a subdomain, but totally free, great for low traffic or project or hobby sites, plus you can get the name you *actually want* for your domain here still).

So what are you waiting for?  Get started!

Free DNS provides easy shared DNS hosting & URL forwarding
Why? I was always frustrated with the prices of domain names. It's a pain to have to buy one for every url you want. And also sometimes they're not available. With this it's free, and whatever you want is probably still free. Note that you can also get free domains under: .tk (root level domains) You have to make sure your site is accessed 25 times a month or something though, so it's a bit unstable. And you can get free subdomains under the following also (same service), and also many others: t28.net aa.am mm.am fr.am nl.am mooo.com org.org Feedback: rogerdpack@gmail.com TODO: youtube of how to do it. Here's a link to all Roger Projects here.